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I’m so excited you landed on my website!

You’ll find more about my story in the “about me” page, but in a nutshell: I’m an Italian Mama who lives in the US.  Married to an American man named Scott and mother of a proud Halfblood, named Ethan (and a lot of other nicknames that you’ll soon have the chance to read) 🙂

As a Mama I struggle just like you to find all possible tricks and hacks and tips and resources to survive LIVE this incredible, but exhausting adventure. Meanwhile, as an Expat, I’m trying to keep my Italian roots alive (and spread some your way too).

Sooo, what do you say?

Ready to jump in? I’m sure we have a lot to share and talk about and, hopefully, find support in one another. Worst case scenario, you’ll laugh your pants off reading my crazy attempts to write in English! I call it a win-win! 😉

To begin, you can click on the button below and start knowing me a little better!
I’ll go get my glass of wine. You serve yourself a coffee, wine, beer or a glass of water.. Whatever you like! 😀
Mi casa es tu casa, Mama!!

5 Survival Tricks for Expat Mamas

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Because as Expats and as Mamas, we should support each other and live the adventure!

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