15 Great Websites for Work-From-Home Jobs (+1 for moms in the US)

Work from home jobs

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Are you tired and sick of going to the office every single day and never have the freedom to manage your time as you like? Then a working from home might be the perfect solution for you.

This article’s is mostly aimed at moms who want to have more liberty of enjoying their motherhood however they want, without necessarily having to give up on an income. But anyone can take advantage this list of websites. These portals definitely offer any kind of opportunity and in any part of the world.

If you want to dive deeper in this topic, I suggest to read “17 amazing online jobs for moms”, where you’ll find a list of ideas which covers all mama needs. Bookmark it for later.

Now let’s go back to our great websites.

How to discern scams from legitimate online jobs

A lot of moms have been asking me how to distinguish scams from legit job, when it comes about remote work. Unfortunately there’s not a magic formula for this.

BUT, by starting from those websites with a good reputation of selection, you’re already a big fat step ahead.

Although, I can and I will give you a couple of tips:

  1. Never pay money to get a job (unless you’re paying for a screening service. I’ll explain better in a second)
  2. Do not send sensible data through the web. Not before researching thoroughly info on the company and establishing its reliability
  3. Always use websites and portals that offer some sort of guarantee. For example, some sites verify the payments and collect reviews from the members in order to make sure the employer is actually reliable. This way, they create real communities where being “smarty” is definitely counterproductive.

This being said, here’s a fantastic list of 15 website, recognized as reliable all over the world, that offer a big variety of work from home jobs, which will allow you to work from anywhere.

Ready? Let’s begin.

The 15 most reliable website to find work from home jobs

  1. Glassdoor.

    glassdoor remote jobs

    Glassdoor is a global platform, where you’ll find any kind of job, not necessarily remote.
    But you can just filter the results (see image above) and you’ll be able to find many opportunities to work from home in any field such as customer support, social media manager and much more.

    Furthermore, it offers full transparency by collecting reviews, salaries average and as many info on the employers as they can get.
    Which is never a bad thing, right?

    glassdoor è una piattaforma internazionale

    At the bottom right of the homepage you can also select your Country of interest, in case you have any preference.

  2. Upwork.

    Upwork sito per freelance

    Upwork treats you with countless short, medium or long term freelance job. It has it’s own App so that you can scroll down the job opportunities at any time from your phone or get notifications on job proposal from the employers.

    Upwork works with a “two way street” system: freelancers can find job posts as much as companies or private employers can find the right candidates and get in touch.

    You chose your rates, but consider that Upwork holds a small commission, which is pretty fair in my opinion (this motivates the platform to check the reliability of the employers)

    On this free portal you can create your own profile, complete tests which will increase your exposure and much more.
    Ideal for translators, transcribers, web designers, editors and any other type of freelance job.

  3. Freelancer.

    Freelancer sito per lavori freelance

    Not much different from Upwork, on Freelancer you can find pretty much any kind of work from home job.

    You can create your profile and place yourself on the marketplace in a couple of clicks.

  4. Power to Fly.

    Power to fly

    Power to Fly is a platform whose target is specifically stay at home moms or mothers who look for flexible jobs in order to find a better family-work balance.

    There’s a section specifically for international jobs where you can find opportunities of any kind.

  5. Angel List.

    Angel List portale lavoro

    Angel List is specialized in the Startup world with more than 25k open positions in startups all over the world.

    Complete your profile and then click on the star next to the job you want to apply for. If the company clicks on your star, you’ll be able to get in touch via email.

  6. We work remotely

    We work remotely portale

    We work remotely displays a little more “peculiar” opportunities compared to other platforms, but very interesting nonetheless.

    It’s divided in categories for an easy navigation.

    You can also follow this website on Twitter and stay updated on the latest opportunities.

  7. Flex Jobs.

    flexjobs sito per lavori da casa flessibili

    As already mentioned in my previous articles, this portal requires a fee.

    The monthly, three-month or annual fee is really low compared to the huge selection it offers. Through this website you’re 100% sure to find work from home jobs: no tricky stuff or scams.

    Also, you can create multiple professional profiles if you have experience in multiple working areas (for example translator and transcriptionist).

    And many more services such as career coaching and resume review.

    This portal collaborates with the best worldwide companies and Fortune 500 Companies.
    Besides, it guarantees a full refund if within 30 days you’re not satisfied.

  8. Europe remotely.

    Europe Remotely sito di lavoro per cittadini europei

    Europe remotely is specialized in work from home jobs for those who live in Europe.

    Here also you can find any kind of collaboration: from developer to customer service and you can follow them on Twitter or Facebook for the latest updates.

  9. Remote.co

    RemoteCo portale web lavoro remoto

    Remote.com is a very well organized website, where you can find literally ANY kind of work from home job.

    It belongs to the same founder of Flexjobs but, as opposed to his older brother, this one is completely free.

    The screening is a little less “aggressive”, but it’s still totally reliable.

  10. Jopspresso

    Jobspresso - lavori da casa e freelance

    Jobspresso falls in the same category of Upwork and Freelancer with remote opportunities in any possible field.

    It’s very well organized and you can stay updated following the website on Twitter or Facebook.

    It’s a free website but there’s a good quality screening and it’s specialized in work from home jobs (no need to filter the results)

  11. Remote OK

    remote ok - trova lavoro da casa

    Remote Ok collects job posts from the web and organizes them by categories.

    Even though it’s more focused on the tech field, there’s also a non-tech section.

    It highlights the “hottest” positions and it openly claims which employer has been verified as legit (look for the “verified” green box next to the job).

  12. Remotive

    Remotive - community lavori da casa

    Even Remotive is exclusively for work from home jobs.

    Here you can find a little bit of everything with a great support community behind.

  13. Working Nomads

    Working Nomads per lavori da nomade digitale

    Specialized in online jobs for digital nomads, on Working Nomads you’ll find any kind of field.

    A very clean and organized websites By subscribing you can receive updated on the latest jobs.

  14. Skip the drive

    Skip the Drive - trova lavoro da casa

    The name comes from the idea that, by working from home, you’ll never have to stress out in the traffic again 🙂 I find it very appropriate.

    From the home page you can see yourself how many categories it includes and it doesn’t require any registration.

    To help you in the research, you can filter the results and narrow down to only those opportunities that match your qualities and needs.

    In addition to the original name, there’s a fun section that will help you calculate how many money you’ll save working from home 🙂

  15. Outsourcely

    Outsourcely - posizioni lavorative da remoto

    Outsourcely is completely free.

    It’s specilized in part-time or full-time long term jobs and it doesn’t hold any commission.

    Create your profile and find your ideal work from home jobs, or wait until the employers put their eyes on your skills.

  16. The Mom Project (BONUS EXTRA FOR MOMS IN THE U.S.)

    The mom project - work from home jobs for moms

    This fantastic platform is only for moms who live in the U.S. (for now at least) but if offers a huge variety of flexible jobs to meet mothers’ needs.

    You create your profile and they match you with the work from home jobs in the field of your choice.
    Some are temporary, some are long term, but all paid pretty well.

    Each time they find a match (and it happens pretty often) they send you an email and you can decide if you want to apply or not.

How to find a remote job that’s perfect for you

In order to be noticed by a company who hires remotely, you first of all need to know how “to sell” your professional skills.

Here some quick tips on how to find your perfect remote job:

  1. Specialize in a field
  2. Create a catching profile
  3. Use any free time to update your resume
  4. Start by accepting also short term job and accumulate experience
  5. Always be realistic on your real daily availability (how many hours can you actually work?)
  6. Check the jet-leg. Some companies might be on the other side of the world. Usually work from home jobs are more flexible, but in some cases you might have deadlines to meet, so do your math.

And Happy Research 🙂

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Work from home jobs

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  1. Good review, second that. In my experience as a freelance designer, new platforms have oftentimes an edge over existing ones because I guess they have to try harder. I recently switched to Insolvo which gives me almost half of my clients and totally loved it.

    1. That’s great to know!! I’ll definitely check it out! 🙂
      Thanks and keep up the good work!

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