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5 Best Italian learning apps for kids · Mama Made in Italy

5 Best Italian learning apps for kids

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Nowadays children grow up surrounded by cellphones, tablets, computers and smart tv. Hence, why not using these tools also to learn a second language? There’s no need to abuse them clearly, but as an Expat mama I find them very handy in addition to other methods to raise bilingual kids. So I’m going to share with you a list of what I consider the best 5 Italian learning apps for kids.

I am a big fan of adult-child interaction, especially when it comes to learn new languages. For this reason I created beautiful flashcards that you can use to play with your kids. I also wrote a list of games both to learn the first words and the animals in Italian that goes with the cards.

I’m sure you’ll love them, so you can download the flashcards for free by filling out the form at the end of this post

Italian learning app for kids

Although, in the busy daily life, we don’t always have the time to play. Sad but true right?

However, bilingualism requires consistency so we have to take advantage to whatever we have at our disposal to increase the exposition to the second language.

The benefits of being bilingual are countless and proved by science.

Why should your child use apps to learn Italian?

Just like anything else, there are pros and cons of every method we choose and I want specify that Italian learning apps are a great resource, but they need to be used in a smart way.

I strongly advice to use them only as an “add on” to other methods that don’t require electronic devices. For example songs, motor skills activities, flashcards and books are the first options I would use.

Reasons why apps can be a great extra option:

  • the majority of the apps are free or very cheap (under $5)
  • many of them use the same logic of more expensive and bulky toys
  • It’s very hard, almost impossible, to find bilingual Italian-English toys in US stores. Even online there’s not a big selection
  • apps are always evolving and updating while toys have limited functionalities (kids usually learn them all quickly and then get tired of them)
  • You can use them few minutes a day and save the progress
  • they can be used during dead times such as commute in the car, waiting time at the doctor office or while you cook dinner, and transform those moments in play/learning time
  • While cartoons and songs are a great way to memorize words, these Italian learning apps for kids offer way more interaction. You can’t fully learn a language only by listening to it, you also need to practice.

5 best Italian learning apps for kids

  1. La serie Parlante. Developed by Pato Pin it’s a series of several small apps, compatible with Android, Iphone and Ipad. Each app focuses on a specific topic such as colors, animals, numbers, etc. I like them because they’re free and because they’re very simple, therefore appropriate also for very young kids. They’re based on interactive games to listen and associate the first words to their meaning. Very cute in their simplicity.
  2. Gus on the go. This is a very unique and original app, with a lot of increasing level games, mother tongue Italian narrator, visual and interactive lessons, vocabulary and more. Compatible with any smartphone or tablet, it costs only $3,99 but it’s totally worth the price. Among all the Italian learning apps, this is definitely my favorite (and my son’s). The little owl (Gus) is super cute and all the levels are engineered to save the progress and restart from the last thing your child learned.
  3. Gioco prescolare dello Zoo. This is suitable to very young kids and up to age 5 with several interactive games and puzzles and more than 60 levels. Let’s say it’ll take a while before your kids gets bored. Very colorful, it captures younger children’s eyes and attention and stimulates them to interact. This one’s also free with a paid upgrade option. It’s compatible both with Android and Apple devices.
  4. Educazione bambini is very well reviewed, free with a paid upgrade option as well and appropriate for children from 3 to 6 years old. It’s very well structured and organized which makes the navigation between sections and interaction very easy. Sections are divided by age.
  5. Imparare il vocabolario italiano (Bambini). This app is recommended for 5 years old kids and older, but I personally find that some sections adjust to younger children as well. In particular the section where they listen to the word and have to associate it with the pictures. It’s also free and compatible both with Android and Apple. It’s very simple and cute and offers more than 500 words.
best italian learning apps for kids
From top left: Imparare il vocabolario, Educazione bambini, Gioco prescolare dello Zoo
From bottom left: Gus on the Go, Serie parlante = Veicoli parlanti, Giungla parlante

Final advice

There are tons of Italian learning apps out there and you can see yourself that the vast majority are for free (even though they often have very annoying ads).

For older kids I suggest Duolingo. If you mama need to refresh your language knowledge too, this app is absolutely the best reviewed one on the market.

Italian learning apps on tablets

Back to the Italian learning apps for kids..

Here’s a list of my final personal advice:

  • download at least a couple of them and observe which ones your child enjoys more and interacts with. Preferences are very personal and I assure you that there are apps for all tastes
  • At least at the beginning watch her play and, especially when it comes to very young children (under 3) help her understand how it works. She’ll learn quickly how to play independently, I promise.
  • At last, choose the app that offers more interaction levels rather than less. As mentioned above, the more she’ll practice the language, the better.

Italian is a great language and apps are great tools. Combine them and the magic is done.

h-APP-y Italian learning 🙂

And don’t forget to fill out the form below to download your free Italian Flashcards!!

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5 best Italian learning apps for kids

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