About me

Hi there!!! And Welcome...

…In the absolutely and totally messy life of Isabella: wife, working mama, blogger, proudly Italian inside, happily American outside. Yes, I’m 100% Italian but in 2015 I moved over to the US to live what’s always been my dream: The American Dream! So I packed, left Milan and since then my life has turned completely upside down! But in a crazy, amazing good way! I now live with my husband Scott and my son Ethan in Georgia.

A couple of random things about me:

  • I’m the last of three kids and the only daughter;
  • former volleyball player with a Bachelor in Sport Science;
  • I’m probably the only Italian who doesn’t drink coffee (but don’t you touch my glass of wine!!

I’m sure you’re wondering if I’m the classic Italian with a strong accent and loooots of gestures kinda way to speak. Well, I have to disappoint you a little. Yes, I do have an accent, but I don’t gesture a lot! 😉

Although, I’m the kind of Italian who speaks really fast and I might end up saying “bitch” instead of “beach” or “eel” instead of “heel”. So you can imagine what happens when, in the middle of a conversation, I come up with something like “my eels hurt my feet” or “One day I was sunbathing on the bitch…”!

Yes, I’m sure you’ll read this kind of mistakes on my blog too so, please, give me some grace, ok? 🙂 

about me

And speaking of my blog...

The blog was born for a bunch of different reasons, but the most important two are:

  • Help other Expat Mamas like me overcome struggles and issues when it comes to face everyday life as a mom and as an Expat. Because for how much you might love being a mommy or adore your new life in a new Country, for how much you’ve always dreamed about it, there will always be things that you’ll have to deal with. Everything, like it or not, is soooo different and we need to learn how to adjust. Possibly with a positive attitude and smile on our face, even in the hardest days.
  • Because I’m also a working mom, who spends most of her time working, taking care of the house and son.. And trying to not neglect the hubby either! I needed a creative outlet. I needed to be able to say that I’m contributing somehow to solve some problems in this world, regardless of how small they could be. In 2016 I became a mother of an amazing kid named Ethan Alessio (but I call him Gozer the Destroyer). He changed my life… Again. I moved from Italy and only a year later I found myself taking care of this little adorable squirming thing. It’s an everyday adventure and I want to share it with you! 

What you can expect from this blog

But since we’re practical women, let’s clarify a couple of important points.

This blog is for you if:

  • You’re in the mood for a good Italian-Style laugh after your kids are in bed (I’ll do my best)
  • You’re looking for some advice on how to face and overcome the sh#t..I mean.. ShiFt of gear brought in by maternity and expat life
  • You’re an expat mama like me and you miss your family, friends, good food and wine. I can’t teleport them here for you, but I’ll put heart and soul to make you feel home and maybe reduce the gap.
  • You’re NOT an expat mama, but you love everything about Italian culture/language and want to learn more
  • You’re just looking for entertainment. Yes, but I have to warn you: I do certain things exclusively with my hubby (sorry mom!)
  • Least but not last, this is for you if you’re ready for some rrrrreal Italian sass!!

This blog is definitely NOT for you if:

  • You’re in the mood for some racist comments. Pride for your roots yes, bad or political opinions about other people, customs, traditions, habits or else = absolutely prohibited!!!
  • You think that there’s only one way to be a good mother. Different is good  and maybe we can all learn something from each other.
Intervista su mollotutto

Positive attitude and self-humor are the key

Life is hard. Motherhood is hard. Changing Country, habits, language is haaaarrrd!! So how do we face all these things? With some positive attitude and, why not, making fun of ourselves. There’s nothing in this world that can’t be overcome if we really want to. So why making it even harder on ourselves? A smile, a laugh, a hug and some good, strategically placed, healthy swearing (only the light version, no worries) make everything easier. Don’t you think? Ok, ok.. Not in front of the kids!! 🙂

Mommy life is already messy enough. I like to think that together we can clean it up with some good humor. But whichever your own burden is, feel free to lighten it in the way that makes you feel more comfortable. WE ADJUST TO (almost) EVERYTHING AND… EVERYWHERE!

This blog has both Italian and English versions. But I have to warn you: you will not always find the same exact topics in both languages. Although, if you’re Italian like me, you might prefer reading my articles on the Italian side. Totally up to you!

This been said, I can only renew my heartfelt WELCOME and…

Enjoy the ride 😉

Scott and I eating focaccia