How to save hundreds of dollars on baby expenses (with this ONE tool)

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Ever heard the phrase “kids are soooo expensive“? No worries Mama!!! We got you covered! There’s a new fantastic tool that you can use to learn how to save hundreds of dollars on baby expenses and you’ll love it, I promise!!

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I’m talking about Baby on a Budget: THE course every mom should take to learn how to save tons and enjoy motherhood without being financially stressed out.

Why you need this course

In 2017, the average cost to raise a baby in their first year was estimated at over $12,000For families on a small income, this estimate can be overwhelming.
Erin Artfitch – www.blundersinbabyland.com

Whether you’re a new mom, are expecting your first, second or third child or planning to have a baby but you’re scared of much money it’ll cost you, this course will teach you literally e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g you need to know on how to budget and be financially prepared.

Even though my first pregnancy was the luckiest I could hope for, I really wish this course was available when I was expecting my first child. I’m happy I get the chance to take it now that I’m expecting twins. You see, even when you think you’ll be able to recycle your firstborn stuff or that your second pregnancy will be as easy-peasy as the first one, life always throws its best surprises at you.

That’s exactly what happened to me. I can certainly reuse some of the stuff but twins… Well, it’s a totally different story, let me tell ya!

After the first excitement about having twins (such a blessing I know), there comes the mild heart attack thinking about how much it’ll cost us and if we’re gonna make it financially.

In my first trimester I had a pretty bad detachment of the placenta that compelled me to run to the ER a couple of terrifying times. Thankfully all went well eventually (third trimester and my fingers are still crossed though), but I was forced to change job (bye bye short term disability for maternity leave). Not to mention the humongous medical bills we received. As a mother, not only I had to go through the fear of losing my babies, but also realized how much it costs to save their lives multiple times.

I think it was literally destiny that I came across Erin and her fantastic ideas on how to start budgeting for a baby (babies, in my case).

Because it doesn’t matter at what point of your motherhood journey you are, the lessons provided in this course are priceless.

Ok! Enough with the excitement so let’s move on to what the course is all about and what you’ll learn, shall we? 🙂

What is Baby on a Budget: course overview

I promised you you’ll save hundreds of dollars on baby expenses right? Well, I wasn’t lying.

Check this out!

Baby on a Budget is a comprehensive course with more than 2 hours of online class, teaching you exactly how to start budgeting, where to find the best deals and even how to drastically reduce medical expenses during and after pregnancy.

Pssst..Already excited about it? Get the course with a 10% discount here by using the code ISABELLA10

It’s full of actionable tips and useful info that Erin explains in a way that even a dummy like me can understand (#pregancybrain).

Each module will guide you through different stages and show you how to:

  • Budget for a baby since day 1 (but it’s never too late)
  • Reduce pregnancy and baby expenses (medical and more)
  • Find the best deals for maternity and baby essentials (that’s good stuff mama!!)
  • Increase your income to grow your baby savings
  • Prepare and protect your family’s financial future

And that’s not it!!

Besides the video lessons, you’ll find convenient links for amazing extra info and, cherry on top, its own amazing workbook that you can download and keep handy before, during and after your class.

The workbook includes each module’s checklist and basic info, but also cheatsheets, worksheets, expenses trackers and much more.

I haven’t finished the course yet, but I already started following her advice and let me tell you.. Writing down all the things really gives you an idea of how much money you’ll be able to save.

For once you’ll stop feeling discouraged looking at numbers and start being excited about the endless saving and deals opportunities that Erin put together in this course.

How much does it cost?

The course has a regular price of $49 but you can get it with a 10% discount using the code ISABELLA10

Don’t miss the chance!!

Now, let’s talk about this. You might wonder why you should spend money if you’re trying to save some. Fair enough. But if I told you that Baby on a Budget actually costs nothing, would you perceive it as a lie? Yes?

Then here comes your first lesson, mama:

when it comes about an investment that will allow you to save waaaaay more money than what you spent, there comes the “zero cost”. It’s like having 1000% cash back on your credit card 🙂

Would I spend $49 in order to learn how to save hundreds of dollars on baby expenses? Hell yes!! Honestly I spent that amount for way less useful things and ended up reselling them (for half the price if I was lucky) once realized they weren’t a good fit for my baby.

This is a totally different thing.

It gives you knowledge and tips to follow that will last you years. Think about how fast kids grow out their clothes, how many times they get sick in daycare/school (aka medical bills), birthday and Christmas presents, how much daycare costs, etc.

Instead, you can purchase something way more valuable now by clicking here and save money everyday in the years to come.

I could not recommend Baby on a Budget enough and if I were you, I’d take the chance to start your savings now!

(Unique discount code for my readers to get it with a 10% discount: ISABELLA10)

I would love to know how much it was able to help you so don’t forget to leave a comment below.

Also if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write me at Isabella@mamamadeinitaly.com. I’ll be happy to answer as many as I can.

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